Sunday, June 13, 2010

Update on Lay's Chips Trips

I recently blogged about Lay's Chips trips here and I have more information and even a couple codes for you!

Go read the previous post here first and then come back for the update.

This week, I saw a 2x point bag at Superstore, it was $2.49 but came with 20 points. So if you purchased 2 for $4.98, you would get 40 points. Remember, the Subway $5 card is only 30 points, so you for $4.98 you would get a 2 bags of chips, a $5 Subway card and another 10 points to save for something else. Remember, you can only get 1 Subway card per account.

If you haven't registered for an account, here's a code LISTN-LENA1 that you can enter upon registration, this code is good for 10 points til June 20. The code is good for 6 hours after you first register.

Whether or not you have just registered or if you already have an account, enter FBOOK-CHIPS for an additional 1 point.

Remember, you can also complete the survey upon registration for 2 extra points.


  1. I went on the Lay's site yesterday to claim my subway card and it is not on the site anywhere. Maybe they gave out their maximum already? So I chose to use it for a Boston Pizza kids' meal and all it printed was a header and a footer - NO COUPON. I've emailed them and asked what they can do to fix this for me...

  2. Apparently you can go to "My Account" and reprint coupons - I'm not sure if this is because I complained or if it is a usual feature for all accounts. Either way, I am not able to print them on my printer (?! It's a newer HP printer - go figure. Maybe it's a Windows 7 glitch). Hopefully I can get a friend to do it for me.

    The Subway coupon is 'temporarily' unavailable so you have to keep checking to see if it's up and running.