Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shopping with MrsSmith - RCSS No Tax Event

RCSS (Superstore) is having its No Tax Event this weekend (June 19-20) and I decided to check it out since I had a few Free Product Coupons (FPCs) burning a hole in my purse.

It wasn't as busy as I had expected it to be although it was still busy, and I was glad to see all their shelves were nicely stocked and I found everything I was looking for. For those of you who are looking to redeem your Melitta coffee FPCs, since they are for the World Harvest Organic packages, I found them in the healthfood aisle and not with the regular coffees. I was shocked to find out that they are $11.99 per package, so with 4 FPCs (I gave one away), I saved $48 just for the coffee alone.

I bought:
- 2 boxes Kelloggs Special K
- 3 chocolate bars
- 2pk of Ziploc tupperware
- 2 boxes Nature Valley bars
- 1 Dove Damage Therapy hairspray
- 4 Melitta World Harvest Organic coffee

The total came to $66.85 with tax, and $0 after tax and FPCs, PLUS I got back $1.43 - no idea why, the cashier didn't know either, and her supervisor told her to just give me the money even though I told her I hadn't planned on receiving any $ back, I was happy just getting everything for free. But the supervisor said they had to follow what the computer/till said, so I MADE $1.43 on this deal!

This was a great shop since it was mostly food/snack/coffee stuff that we use. I'm planning to put the chocolate bars in with MrSmith's Father's Day gift tomorrow, and the coffee will become part of my kids' end-of-year gifts.

So I saved $68.28 today and paid $0 at RCSS - a successful shopping day, I would say! How did you do, and what did you get? Share, won't you? :)



    I have to take one of your classes to learn all the tricks of the trade.
    Do you know anyone in the South Vancouver area that is hosting a show?

  2. Anonymous, I don't have any Vancouver classes coming up at the moment, the nearest one would be in New West, and that is July 5. The online class is debuting this week, though, so you can learn all the secrets in the comfort of your own home.