Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shop with MrsSmith - quick trip to USA April 2010

Yesterday I went to Target, Albertsons and Walgreens to do some Extreme Shopping. The border line up at the Pac Crossing was long (about 1.5hours) but I believe it was because of the time, it was around 11am when I first got into line. Coming back was easy with only a 5 minute wait.

I went specifically to work more deals to add to the MrsSmith-Extreme Shopper USA version class and to take more photos to supplement the course, and am so excited to see the curriculum come together and the class will hopefully be ready to launch online soon!

At Target, I bought:
- 3 boxes of Special K cereal
- 2 boxes of Special K crackers
- 1 bag Sunchips
- 1 Vitamin Water
- 10 cans of corn
- 1 individual cup of Kashi cereal

At Walgreens, I purchased:
- 2 boxes Kashi
- 1 Shave cream
- 12 boxes Sour Patch kids (for a craft project for Little Miss Smith's birthday party)

At Albertsons, I bought:
- 5 packages Del Monte chill cups
- 2 6-pk Danino yogurt
- 1 4-pk Yoplait yogurt
- 1 carton Minute Maid OJ
- 3 Scotch Brite Nailsavers sponges
- 2 3-pk Scotch Brite sponges
- 2 Kelloggs fruit snacks
- 1 Keebler cookie package
- 1 pkg Sargento shredded cheese
- 1 DiGiorno Flatbread Melts

I ended up with 52 items and paid $16.59, saving $103.49, so my total should have been $120.08 if I had not bought on sale or used coupons. My savings for a 86% savings which included the taxes, or just under .32cents per item.

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