Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Men can be Extreme Shoppers too!

I've noticed that there is at least one male fan on the MrsSmith FB fan page, and a couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of having my first male student which was exciting! Since then a hostess' hubby sat in on the class (the entire 2 hours), which speaks a lot for itself, I think!

Although they are far from the norm, some men are the shoppers in the family, as is the case of my brother in law, Chris. He and his family were visiting from out of town recently, and he was very excited to get a quick Extreme Shopping class and get shopping. This is the result of his first trip - not bad for someone who had no coupons and had to cobble together some coupons from my coupon stash in a short amount of time!

So you see, men CAN be Extreme Shoppers too!

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