Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The "never-ending" Kelloggs cereal deal

A while ago, I blogged about it. I watched the stores and waited and waited, and seriously did a little dance in the aisle when finally I found my first box of Mini Wheats with the free product coupon (FPC) at my local Walmart.

I bought it after pricematching, for $2.97 and excitedly cut out the FPC from the box.

The FPC is for free Rice Krispies, Corn Pops and Froot Loops (selected sizes).

I waited to use the FPC because I wanted to "roll" the coupon, meaning if I could use it on a box with another FPC for cereal on it, I could technically end up just paying for 1 box and end up with an endless supply of cereal.

This week, I found the specially marked boxes for Corn Pops. So off I went and got a box at LD, for free. I then cut the FPC from that box, and rolled it into getting yet another box for free. Over and over I did this deal, until I ended up with 7 free boxes of Corn Pops today (6 are shown in this picture and one in the post below). PLUS, because I started with one FPC, I now have one FPC left over, which I will wait to use when the Froot Loops/Rice Krispies specially marked boxes come out.

Enjoy this deal, but remember not to clear your store shelves all at once!

This deal is good until August, which gives me plenty of time to wait for those boxes of Froot Loops/Rice Krispies/Frosted Flakes. It's a good thing my kids love to eat cereal!

Note: There are other FPCs on the boxes as well for free yogurt, bananas, juice and milk, I've just decided the never-ending cereal was a deal I would rather do now, so I could "roll" the coupons.


  1. I just wish they had been for healthier cereals. I won't buy any of those for my kids except rice krispies which they don't like much. I guess it's good for rice krispy squares.... :P

    ps did you cut the coupons out in the store? How did you get them all at once, if they have to be cut off the box? LOL

  2. Tracey, yeah, I wish the same too. I'm hoping for the Rice Krispies mostly too.
    For this transaction, yes, I cut it out in the store. I just opened the box, cut out the coupon with the exacto knife and reinserted the bag. It didn't take too long, but there was no line up behind me so I didn't have to rush. I also asked the cs rep in advance if she wanted me to buy them one at a time or whether I could buy them all at once.

  3. My hubbie jokes about our "magic" cereal boxes with the windows in them. Just when they appear to run out, voila! They're full again. :)