Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kelloggs expands Wake Up to Free Breakfast program

Great news!! Kelloggs has decided to expand its Wake Up to a Free Breakfastprogram, originally blogged about here. I'd just been finding the free cereal coupons on the MiniWheats and on the Corn Pops and was hoping to find some on the Rice Krispies.

The good news is that Kelloggs now has a Wake Up to a Free Breakfast, Adult version. From the Kelloggs website:
Now you can Wake up to a FREE Breakfast by collecting 5 FREE product coupons inside specially marked packages of Kellogg's* cereal!

Coupons consist of the following:

- FREE Kellogg's* cereal or Meal Replacement: Redeem towards 1 FREE box of Special K* Original cereal (475 g), All-Bran* Strawberry Medley cereal (375 g), or Vector* Meal Replacement (400 g).

- FREE 1 Litre of Milk: Redeem towards 1 FREE litre of milk (includes Skim 1%, 2%, 3.25% Homogenized) products to a maximum value of $2.69. Offer excludes 250ml, 500ml, 2L and 4L regular, premium and specialized milk and soy milk products. Offer not valid in Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, or Newfoundland.

- FREE Minute Maid® Concentrate: Redeem towards 1 FREE can of Minute Maid® Frozen Concentrate (355 ml).

- FREE Danone® Yogurt: Redeem towards 1 FREE tub of Danone® Activia probiotic yogurt tub (650 g) or Silhouette 0+ yogurt tub (650 g).

- FREE Bananas: Redeem towards up to 2 lbs of bananas up to a maximum value of $1.69.

Coupon Expiry Date: October 11, 2010.

* All-Bran Original* cereal: 525g
* All-Bran* Bran Flakes cereal: 775 g
* Special K* cereal: 475g
* Special K* with Red Berries cereal: 350g
* Vector* Meal Replacement: 400g
* Special K* Vanilla Almond cereal: 400g
* All-Bran* Strawberry Bites cereal: 465g
* Special K* Fruit & Yogurt Flavour cereal: 360g
* All-Bran* Strawberry Medley cereal: 375 g
* Special K* Satisfaction* cereal: 410 g
* Special K* Cinnamon Pecan cereal: 350 g
* Special K* 5 Grains cereal: 535 g

Yay! I love Special K, All Bran and Vector! More variety, and did you see, the expiry for the coupons aren't until October!!

Start stalking your local stores for these specially marked boxes soon!


  1. I did a double take tonight at RCSS. They had a full skid of Special K with free cereal coupons. I bought 2 @ 3.98/ea. Since I had to go out again anyways, I took along my box cutter and turned my 2 boxes into 8 plus 2 more coupons for another time. 10 boxes for $8...so far. :) That's the one in Abby if anyone is up early. They won't last long!

  2. Isn't that weird, I haven't seen any free ones (CornPops or otherwise) at my RCSS. Have been getting the Corn Pops ones at the LD in Bby and the Walmart in Langley. Hopefully the Special K ones will actually make it to my local RCSS!

  3. Pitt Meadows Rcss has the Special K with free coupon, at the back of the store near the milk.

  4. The Coquitlam Westwood has the Special K (original and Berry) with the special coupons at the front of the store and a few on the regular shelves as well.

  5. Guess I'm going back to RCSS tomorrow...I need to stock up on cereal and its about time they included the 'healthy' stuff.