Friday, April 30, 2010

Danone and DanActive

I am a BzzAgent, whereby at various times I receive products from manufacturers to try and review, and with BzzAgent, I also receive coupons to share, in exchange for spreading the buzz on the product.

I received a Free Product Coupon (FPC) for an 8 pack of Danactive Probiotic yogurt recently, and I got the Vanilla flavour pack. At first I was a little wary of the product because it seemed quite runny, until I reconciled the fact that it was a drink. :) I normally do not drink my yogurt, but prefer it with a spoon.

After trying the Danactive product, I found I still do prefer my yogurt with a spoon, but the Danactive Probiotic drink was delicious. Little Mr.Smith, Miss Smith and Mr.Smith drank the other 7 bottles ofthe product and it was pronounced "delicious," "really good," and "yummy." I also received requests to buy more.

With the campaign I received some contest entries with special PINS to give away to the "Yogurt for a Year" contest which ends May 30. I've given most of them away and will be giving the last couple away to class hostesses in upcoming classes.

I also found that if you join the Danone DanFan club, you can be chosen to receive gift certificates, discount coupons and prizes once you complete surveys sent to you. Right now there is a giveaway of 1 wine cellar (value of $700) and 10 LUSH gift baskets, valued at $100 each. They will pick winners TODAY! Sign up now.

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