Saturday, April 24, 2010

Extreme Shoppers - starting them young

Little Ms. Smith had a friend over for a sleepover yesterday. I took them both out for some girl time and dinner, but warned them that I had some grocery errands to run in between dinner and going to Rogers Video for a movie. Want to guess what my grocery errands were? If you guessed coupon shopping (ie hunting for coupons) and getting some free cereal, then you'd be correct! :)

We dropped by my local Save On, and found lots of coupons, including one for Kraft Parmesan, which is most exciting because I am almost out. I managed to find (for the first time) a Kelloggs Froot Loops with the FPC for cereal on it so we got that. We don't have a single box of that in the house, imagine that!

Then it was off to Superstore (right across the street), to get some bread and a Special K with the FPC for cereal on it. (I had an FPC for it already).

As we were leaving Superstore, Little Ms.Smith's friend remarked,"It's pretty cool to get food for free." (I must admit, I was a little too giddy cutting out the coupons from the back of the boxes. Yes. I cut them out in the car. With the boxcutters I keep in my purse for that reason. Yes. I know, it's a sickness. But free cereal calls my name. Over and over).

Back to the friend,"Can you find a coupon for such-and-such a cereal? I eat it a lot, and I'd like to get it free." Little Ms.Smith pipes up,"There's no coupon for that, but there's coupons for Special K, why don't you eat that?" Her friend says,"I don't like that kind." And this is what Little Ms.Smith says,"oh, we eat whatever we can get with coupons or for free. We've been trained. Right, mom?"

I had a little chuckle to myself. Seems like Little Ms.Smith knows what her mama is doing!

The best part? The friend says,"I guess I could try Special K, if it's free." Hee hee. (and in case you were wondering, the cereal she was asking for is one of the most sugary ones on the market).


  1. That is so cool! My kids are a bit too young for that (1 and 3) but I take them coupon-hunting at Safeway.. they love it, although they fight over who gets to carry the most coupons!

  2. Love it!! Ha - this is actually from Michele, not Athony - time to get my own account I guess!!

  3. donnapokorny@hotmail.comApril 24, 2010 at 5:10 PM

    That is just too cute!
    My daughter is getting into the whole save thing as well. She says, "Mom give me the coupon and I'll go look for it for you", and off she goes. She's five and is already understanding the value of a dollar and money saved with coupons. Can you just imagine what she'll be like when she's a mother? Way to go!

  4. My kids are pretty impressed with it all too! I was wondering about the cereal thing though. SO you go in and out of the store multiple times in the same shot, or just take all the ones you want up to checkout and say you want to use the coupons on the boxes and you will cut them out right there?

  5. Tracie, most times I just go and get one box and just a couple times, if the store is not busy I will ask if I can buy/cut at the same time. In my course of work, daily life, etc I pass by grocery stores at least once a day or so, so it's not an extra trip for me to go to the store just to get extra cereal. Not worth the gas/time to do special trips just for that!