Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New MrsSmithExtremeShopper site is now live!

As of June 22 2010, this blog space is no longer the official blog for MrsSmith-ExtremeShopper. We are proud to announce that our new website is now live and will be the primary blog and portal to access all things ExtremeShopper. Please join us there and update your bookmarks.

Thank you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Scotch-Brite contest

Do you have a Dirty Little Secret, as in, do you sometimes put your dirty pans in your oven when you don't have time to wash them? Scotch Brite is running a contest where when you share your Dirty Little Secret, you are entered to win one of 5 (five) Grand Prizes includes a Personalized Chef Experience for 4 which includes a 3-course meal and wine, a value o $1000!

Also, for sharing your DLS you can win a $20 gift voucher to a Personalized Chef service.

Go here to enter!

Canada only.

Extreme Shopper helping others - follow up report

A few weeks ago, I posted a call for help and I'm glad to report that with your help, we were able to bless the socks off this woman in her time of need. You donated food products, hair and beauty items, cleaning products, household items, clothes, and more. The items made their way to the Island where she is, and I recently received an email from her, expressing her gratitude, a portion of which I will share below, but first here is what was donated:

From Naomi:

From Sylvia:

From MrsSmith and Marianne:

From MrsSmith:

From Shannon:

From Caryn:

From Michelle:

From MrsSmith (sorry, lots of last minute add ins):

From MrsSmith (sorry, lots of last minute add ins):

From Deanna:

"OVERWHELMED!!! Kah-Mei, I don't know how else to put it.....I just could not believe that people "Who do not even know me" would go out of their way to do this.....You all will have no idea just the impact you had made until you get to heaven.....I'm sure of it.

I received the goods about 10 days ago...in normal settings I am quite prompt about getting back to people.......a combination of not having time to sit down and share my gratitude and not being able to find the words to express that impact this has all made...has unfortunately allowed me to procastinate.

This is Christ.....these are people who have Jesus in their hearts....I think it was around Acts 6....Kah-Mei, do you realize the bible clearly states that the christians were not in need as everyone contributed into the body of Christ.....Your folks giving....not only met desperate needs but also opened my eyes to what it says in the bible about letting resources flow to and from my hands....I apologize Kah-Mei, but between crying and just simply overwhelmed.....I cannot find the words to express my gratitude.

My four and a half year old son just looked at me surprised at why I was so surprised....."Jesus always wants to give us good gifts mommy".......

I'm probably not making very much sense or relaying the impact this has all made on me......but I want you and the others to know that I am very very gratefull for all that you had given us.....I pray God will both show you that as well I pray that the Lord will bless each and everyone of you a tenfold of all that you have given us....you have no idea what your generousity has done.

Thankyou.....thankyou for everything Kah-Mei.....I apologize once again for taking so long to share w/ you just how gratefull I am.....I wish I could find the words to show you the impact it has made on me.

Blessings and thank you."

Although the email was addressed to me, she knew this was an effort that included others, so I wanted to pass on the thanks to you as well. We never know when one small act of kindness can help someone else in a bigger way than expected, and in the same vein, we never know when we might need to be the recipient of kindness. I want to thank you for participating and blessing this woman and thank you to Marianne, who let me know about this need in the first place, thank you for allowing us to help!

Make It Monday - Swagbucks and why I use it (plus a few winning tips)

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without the Internet. And Google. It seems I use Google umpteen times a day. Well, I did, until I found Swagbucks.

If you're an avid Googler like I am, or even if you use it sporadically each day, I would recommend Swagbucks to you as an alternative search engine. Swagbucks is powered by Google, and is an incentivized search engine where you are awarded points randomly when you are using it for your searches.

When has Google ever said,"here, have a $5 Amazon gift card," or,"would you like a $10 Starbucks card?"

Swagbucks does.

When you use the Swagbucks search engine, you are awarded random points which are then stored in your account and you can accumulate points and redeem them for prizes at the "Swag Store," my favourite prizes being the aforementioned Amazon and Starbucks giftcards.

I thought it would be interesting to write up a pros and cons list of Swagbucks from a personal point of view:
- you get "paid" with digital dollars to search the web, something I do everyday anyway
- you get to choose when you spend your dollars, and what you want to buy
- it is free to join
- it automatically records your points (once you sign in/log in) and keeps tracks of your purchases
- Every Friday is Mega Bucks Day which increases the chances of getting larger swagbucks when you search
- it is FREE MONEY
- there are many ways to get points other than searching the web
- it is fun

- you do not get points for every search
- sometimes you are awarded low points

I use my Swagbucks as "mad money," which is fun because I don't really have to think hard about whether I want to spend the money or not. I buy Starbucks cards for MrSmith so he can enjoy his Starbucks FREE, I buy giftcards and use them as gifts, and most recently we bought MrSmith the Super Mario Galaxy 2 game for $50, all using Swagbucks. I am saving up for Christmas and birthday gifts, which means more of my "real" money is staying in my pocket while my digital dollars are being used to purchase the items.

Here are a few tips on how to get more Swagbucks points:

1) Search normally - use the search engine for your daily, regular searches. There are precautions in place against the people who try to "game" the system.

2) Download the toolbar - I have found since I downloaded the toolbar, I automatically receive points everytime I open up Swagbucks each day.

3) Look through their No Obligation Special Offers. I have never purchased anything with a credit card via Swagbucks so I cannot recommend that. I also have not signed up for Special Offers, but I DO look through their No-Obligation special offers. I just click "no" or "skip" on every offer and at the end I am awarded a point or two. This is guaranteed points, once a day.

4) Tell others about Swagbucks and have them sign under you. Once they do, and once they start searching and accumulating points, you will receive up to 1000 points per referral. If you'd like to sign up under me (please do!) then click here. Thank you! Right now when you sign up you will get an automatic, free, 30 points!

5) Trade in your old cellphone. This is a Green way to get some "green." You can get points for trading your old cellphone.

6) Trade in your old gaming systems and games for swagpoints!

7) Participate in daily polls and Trusted Surveys.

8) Read the SB Facebook page for ideas on what searches are being rewarded with points. I have tried it and sometimes I will search the same phrase and have won points.

9) Download the Swidget as it lets you know when there are codes available. When you find the code, input the code on your swagbucks page and get the points! You can read the FB page too as people will post threads thanking TSG (The Swag Guy) for the code - that usually is a good indicator that there is a valid and active code available.

10) Read the Swagbucks Winning Tips post here for more ideas.

11) Read the Swagbucks blog or Twitter for more chances to win.

12) When you get your Swagbucks prize, take a photo of it post on the Swagbucks Flickr wall for more points!

If you're worried about Spam and your information being sold, Swagbucks promises not to spam nor sell your information, you can read their privacy policy here.

So what are you waiting for? Join Swagbucks, start searching and start saving for prizes and save your money!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Smartsource coupon insert - June 19 2010

The Smartsource coupon insert dropped this weekend, you can find it in your local paper or in the weekend Sun/Province.

It includes:
$1 off Ben's Smart White bread made with 16 whole grains (exp Sep 30 2010)
$1 off wyb any Garnier Fructis Damage Repair product (exp Dec 31 2010)
$2.50 off any Pull ups Training Pants (jumbo pack or larger) (exp July 17 2010)(what's with the quick expiry dates??!)
$1 off wyb any Pull Ups Flushable moist wipes (exp July 17 2010)
$1 off wyb any Noxzema product (exp Dec 31 2010)
.75cents off any NEW V8 V-Fusion beverage (1.36L) Cranberry Blackberry or Passionfruit Tangerine (exp Dec 31 2010)
$5 off wyb Air Wick Freshmatic or Freshmatic Compact Started kit (exp Oct 31 2010)
$2 off any Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants (exp July 17 2010)
$1 off 6-pack or larger Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue (exp Aug 14 2010)
$1 off any tub or refill of Cottonelle Flushable Moist wipes (exp Aug 14 2010)
$2 off any Huggies Overnites Diapers (exp July 17 2010)
$1 off any package of Huggies Baby Wipes (64 ct or larger) (exp July 17 2010)
$1 off any 2 Litehouse Veggie Dips (exp Dec 31 2010)
$1 off any 2 Litehouse Dressings (exp Dec 31 2010)
$1 off any Pedigree dry, wet, snack or treat foods for dogs (exp Dec 31 2010)
$1 off wyb any Raid or Off! product (exp Sep 30 2010)
$2.50 off wyb any 2 Raid of Off! products (exp Sep 30 2010)
$5 off wyb any 2 Off! Powerpad Refills(exp Sep 30 2010)
$200 gc with your FREE hearing screening (gc is towards purchase of a hearing aid) (exp July 2 2010)
$2 off Oskar Broom or Super Twist Mop (exp Oct 31 2010)
$3 off a Bee Mop or Fibro Contact Mop (exp Oct 31 2010)
Sears 50% complete pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses and $39.99 non-prescription sunglasses wyb an annual supply purchase of contact lenses

Canada only.

What did you think of this insert's coupons?

I wanted to remind you that you can call your local paper if you do not receive your paper, and ask them to make sure you are on the "deliver" list. You can also ask if they have drop boxes where you can pick up the papers. PLEASE do not take all the papers or worse, all the coupon inserts. I've had a number of people tell me this week that they either took a free paper or bought a paper, and then proceeded to take all the coupon inserts from the other papers. That in my opinion is stealing, and unfair to others who might be purchasing the paper for the coupon inserts.

If you are looking for extra inserts, ask your neighbours, friends or family, to put theirs aside for you if they do not use them. If you live in a condo/townhouse, my rule of thumb for taking more than 1 coupon insert is anytime after Sunday, if the papers are still there, then help yourself. Give others a chance to get their paper/coupon insert first but if they are still there Monday morning then they are a free-for-all, in my opinion. Check your communal recycling bin as they can be goldmines when it comes to coupon inserts. Also, please do not take coupon inserts out of the papers that are for sale at the stores or at the self-serve kiosks.

I frequent my local McDonalds or coffee shops and ask if I can have a couple extra inserts if no one is needing them and I've never been turned away. Most people just want to read the paper and the flyers/coupon inserts are left behind and happy couponers like myself are usually welcome to take a few home, saving them from the recycling bin.

I have 3 extra copies of the insert, so if you did not get one this week and would like one, please post under the post "Want a SmartSource?" on the MrsSmith Facebook page here and I will get it out to the first 3 people who post saying that they would like the insert.

Happy Father's Day, MrSmith

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there, I hope you are having a most marvellous day!

I wanted to wish a very Happy Dad's day to MrSmith, who after all, puts up with me and my shenanigans. In my early couponing days, he would go with me to the store and wait while I shopped. He is now well-trained to ask if I have a coupon for something before purchasing it, although his love for Costco still runs deep. He is the one who reminds me I can get a little obsessive ("no one needs so many razors, dear") and he is the one who tells me to turn the iphone off in church because no one should be checking their emails during service. HAHA!! He puts up with the amount of time I spend on the computer, he takes the kids out and comes home with coupons for my stash, and he brags to his friends about his wife who is saving the family money and getting stuff for free. He's learned to listen when I come home all excited about my fabulous savings and not roll his eyes, he tells our kids that saving money is important, but he enjoys the fact that usually when he asks if we have something, the answer is "yes, we do, how many do you need?" He doesn't think it's too weird when we plan outings and events around what coupons we have and can crack a wicked joke or two about his wife's crazy couponing ways.

MrSmith is actually the genius behind the MrsSmith-ExtremeShopper business as he was the one who suggested (and pushed for) the classes, so all you ExtremeShoppers have him to thank for the knowledge you now have!

For his special day, MrSmith got some personalized gifts from the kids (a pottery piece and a handdrawn comic book), as well as some chocolate (free), a wok for his BBQ (no tax) and last but not least, Super Mario Galaxy 2 free with our Swagbucks points. He then somehow managed to get some golf in there after he told me he could get some golf packages for a steal... he must've appealed to my frugal couponing side!

As for the other Dads in my life, my own dad is in Europe with mom, enjoying the last couple weeks of their 3-month adventure. MrSmith's dad is in Victoria, and we also miss him very much. Happy Father's Day, Pa and Poppa!

And if you are reading this, and you are a Dad, a very Happy Father's Day to you as well.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Zellers and Toy Story 3

It's been about 15 years since Toy Story made its big debut (can you believe it?) and I've enjoyed both the first and 2nd installments but have not yet seen Toy Story 3. Have you? If so, what did you think about it?

Now Zellers is giving you a chance to win a Disney Parks Dream Vacation here - a package worth around $8500!! That would be a fun family vacation to go on!

Please read complete contest rules here, you must be 18 and older to enter. Canada only. You can enter once a day, until July 29 2010.

Also, if you are in the market to purchase some Toy Story 3 merchandise, here are some coupons for you:
$10 off when you buy Toy Story 3 Action Links Junkyard
$5 off when you buy Toy Story 3 Barbie
$3.50 off when you buy Operation Buzz Lightyear
$2 off Mr.Potato Head Spud Lightyear
$2 off Mr.Potato Head
$2 off Mrs. Potato Head
$2 off Mr.Potato Head Woody
$2 off Mr.Potato Head Plush
$2 off Mrs.Potato Head Plush
$2 off Child or Toddler's Hardshell Bicycle Helmet
$2 off Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger
$2 off Animated Talking Mr.Potato Head with Part Popping action
$2 off Toy Story 3 Bucket of Soldiers
$2 off Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear with Karate action
$2 off Toy Story Sheriff Woody
$2 off Toy Story 3 multivitamin gummies
.30cents off Toy Story Honey Graham cookies
$1 off Toy Story Woody hooded towel
$1 off Toy Story 3 Buzz hooded towel

Walmart - Free prints and movie tickets

If you've got thousands of photos sitting on your harddrive, or if like me, you've been taking photos of your kids' last weeks at school (field trips, parties, etc), getting some photos printed for free sounds good, right? Or perhaps after tomorrow's Father's Day celebrations you will have a few special photos you'd like printed. Now you can get 50 4x6 prints FREE at Walmart - just open an account and the free prints are credited to your account automatically. Go here to get your free prints!

Also, if you use the Kodak Instant Kiosk at Walmart to print your photos, there is a movie ticket offer going on when you print your pictures. For 120 instant pictures, get 1 free movie ticket. For 200 instant prints, get 2 movie tickets. For 350 instant prints get 4 movie tickets. Good only for Kodak Prints in Seconds service, until August 29 2010.

Shopping with MrsSmith - RCSS No Tax Event

RCSS (Superstore) is having its No Tax Event this weekend (June 19-20) and I decided to check it out since I had a few Free Product Coupons (FPCs) burning a hole in my purse.

It wasn't as busy as I had expected it to be although it was still busy, and I was glad to see all their shelves were nicely stocked and I found everything I was looking for. For those of you who are looking to redeem your Melitta coffee FPCs, since they are for the World Harvest Organic packages, I found them in the healthfood aisle and not with the regular coffees. I was shocked to find out that they are $11.99 per package, so with 4 FPCs (I gave one away), I saved $48 just for the coffee alone.

I bought:
- 2 boxes Kelloggs Special K
- 3 chocolate bars
- 2pk of Ziploc tupperware
- 2 boxes Nature Valley bars
- 1 Dove Damage Therapy hairspray
- 4 Melitta World Harvest Organic coffee

The total came to $66.85 with tax, and $0 after tax and FPCs, PLUS I got back $1.43 - no idea why, the cashier didn't know either, and her supervisor told her to just give me the money even though I told her I hadn't planned on receiving any $ back, I was happy just getting everything for free. But the supervisor said they had to follow what the computer/till said, so I MADE $1.43 on this deal!

This was a great shop since it was mostly food/snack/coffee stuff that we use. I'm planning to put the chocolate bars in with MrSmith's Father's Day gift tomorrow, and the coffee will become part of my kids' end-of-year gifts.

So I saved $68.28 today and paid $0 at RCSS - a successful shopping day, I would say! How did you do, and what did you get? Share, won't you? :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Melitta - free FPC and coupon promotion

Back in May, I posted about a special deal and coupon from a coffee company here. For those of you who didn't email me for an invite, you can go here to sign up and request your $2 coupon from Melitta. You can then refer friends to the Melitta Me-Time program and should they sign up, you will receive up to 5 Free Product Coupons (FPCs) for Melitta coffee! Your friends will receive a $2 coupon, and then they can refer their friends and also receive up to 5 FPCs as well.

I'm glad to report that I received my 5 FPCs for ANY Melitta World Harvest Fair Trade coffee, just in time to use for this weekend's No Tax Event at RCSS (Superstore). Have you received your coupon yet?

You can still sign up and refer friends as the promotion is good til June 30 2010.

Canada only.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

RCSS - No Tax June 19 - 20

No Tax Days have been confirmed for RCSS (Superstore) in the West, for June 19-20!! This would be a great time to stock up if you need to, because, well, there's no tax! If you have Free Product Coupons (FPCs) this would be the ideal time to use them so you are not charged the tax either. I have been saving a number of FPCs for just an occasion like this.

Also, for one day only on June 19, the first 125 loaves of Weston White Bread baked will be sold for 10cents with an instore coupon - limit one per person.

Johnson & Johnson offers - free tampons and coupon!

Johnson & Johnson Canada is offering a free sample pack of OB tampons AND a coupon! Go here to request your sample, and once you've requested your sample, you will be directed to print a $1 off coupon for an OB product (18's). Hurry, though, as the coupon expires June 30 2010.

The great news about the sample offer is that although it is limited to one sample per person, you are allowed up to 3 sample requests per household!

Canada only.

Spitz promotion - free bag of Spitz!

Become a fan of Spitz Canada on Facebook and get a coupon for a free 227g bag of Spitz! Go here to "like" Spitz and to request a coupon.

Also, look for specially marked Ruffles chips bags to get $1 off any Spitz products (91g-800g).

Canada only.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

IKEA - Treat Dad to a free breakfast

Father's Day is coming up this weekend, and if you are looking for a way to treat Dad to a breakfast, then head to your nearest Ikea, as Dads will receive a "free deluxe breakfast" in their restaurants on Father's Day! Or, he can get a 10-piece meatball plate for only $1.99 after 11am! (Check with your local Ikea for participation, Ikea Coquitlam is participating).

Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Canadian Tire photo promo

Canadian Tire is having a promotion where you can upload a photo of your family at play and you could win a $5000 giftcard! Go here to enter (as with all contests, please read rules and enter at your own risk).

You can also vote and possibly win a $50 card!