Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Smartsource flyer insert!

Received a new Smartsource flyer insert this week in the local Coquitlam Now paper - tons of new usable coupons, my favorites being the Febreze candle ones. Happened to go to the local McD after Master Smith's soccer game and found 2 inserts sitting there. So if you didn't get your copy, maybe go to your local fast food place, they might have them there, lol.

Next flyer insert is the Shop and Save, due Oct 31.


  1. I'll gladly trade you all my Febreze coupons for any Glade ones :)

    I got a SS insert in my local Maple Ridge paper AND the Sunday Province!

  2. I'm "spending" all my Glade ones soon (not that I have many) - as I have an MIR to use up. But look at today's post - new Glade printables are available! :)